How many bb's cafe stores are there?

There are currently 36 stores operating across Australia and 19 stores in New Zealand. For more information about your local bb’s cafe, please visit the Store Locator page.

How can I find more information about owning my own bb's cafe store?

By simply visiting the “Owning a bb’s cafe” page, you will be able to access franchisee testimonials, Australian and New Zealand Franchise Information Packs and you can also make franchisee enquiries.

Can I work at a bb's cafe?

As bb’s cafe is a franchise system, each stores owner is responsible for the employment of staff within their store. To work at a bb’s cafe store, it is recommended that hopeful applicants contact the store with their C.V/Resume and discuss possible employment opportunities.

Why do stores have different pricing for the same products?

As each bb’s cafe is owner operated, stores are able to set their own pricing for their products. Each store receives a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) list for all products, but it is at the discretion of each store's franchisee, as to what final price they choose.

How many brands and number of outlets currently operate under RFG?

Franchise Brand

Number of Stores

Donut King
Michel’s Patisserie
Brumby’s Bakeries
bb’s cafe
Big Dads Pies

What makes your coffee so delicious?

Our coffee tastes so good because we take the finest beans from the worlds best coffee producing countries and then gently roast them to perfection.

With our state of the art coffee roasting facilities in Australia, we ensure that the quality of the roast is simply perfect before we pack the coffee, minutes later, into an oxygen free environment to ensure that you, our customer, has the finest freshest tasting coffee every time!

Each bb’s cafe employs coffee Baristas which have undergone vigorous training to produce and deliver an exceptional coffee every time.

Can you please provide me with more information about your company for my school/university project.

Please click the below link which will provide you with information which may be useful to your school or university project.

Click here to download the PDF